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NEW Pinterest Strategy Revealed!

Build a powerful Pinterest strategy for consistent, EASY, leads

Are you looking to massively increase your sales?


Do you feel stuck at $2000, and worried that you'll stay there forever and never make it too $5000?


Are you wanting someone to take your hand and guide you in the next best step for your business so you can start getting passive traffic to increase your monthly income? 


Are you sick of paying for Facebook and Instagram ads and getting limited traffic?


You're in the right place! 


I teach business owners who desperately want to increases their sales with organic traffic. 

I'll  train you how to get more leads using Pinterest WITHOUT spending hours pinning each day or spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising. 
 (Hint: Get it done in less than 10 min a day to see massive growth!)


This proven POG system helps businesses with digital and physical products increase leads to their website and increase their sales.


Are you determined to learn a platform as quickly and timely as possible... the right way, so you can make a HUGE impact in your business?

What is the POG system?

It's an organic/manual Pinterest growth system which allows you to get massive leads from Pinterest in only 10 minutes a day


The POG Strategy helps you utilize your Pinterest traffic and turn it into new clients and long lasting customers 

The BreakUp

  • Pinterest Basics Class

    Learn how to navigate Pinterest, understand followers and group boards, and learn the theory to using it to grow your business. $47

  • Set Up Your Profile

    Learn how to set up your profile using the best SEO keywords and strategy so Pinterest gives you the best qualified leads. $97.

  • Pins Which Convert

    My pins aren't getting any clicks! Let's solve that problem.  Let's also figure out how you can create 20 pins in 20 min. $97.

  • Manual Pinning

    Learn the 10 min manual pinning system to save time, save $ on Tailwind and a VA. $147.

  • Consistent Growth and Traffic

    Set up what needs to be in place, and have your website ready to turn those leads into income. Creating a consistent workflow. $97.

  • Easy Content Creation

    Learn how to easily create fresh/new content for Pinterest without spending hours looking at a blank screen. $97.

  • Pinterest Analytics

    Navigate Pinterest analytics to learn which ones you need to focus on, and how to use that to benefit your business. $47

  • Full Support

    Email, Facebook messenger, Facebook Group, Live Office hours, feedback on everything. $297.

Total: $926


  • Pinterest SEO Master Class

    Learn how to master Pinterest SEO keywords and use the Pinterest Trends tool so Pinterest understands who you help and to get the BEST traffic and leads from Pinterest.  $97

  • Content Creation Made Easy

    Get 30 days worth of content set up in less than 2 hours!  Learn who to re-purpose content with Productivity Expert Rachael Jencks. $147.


    First 10 get a 30 min "Hot Seat" call to grow your business further.  Grab it before it's gone! $197

Total: $441

$926 + $441 =


Grab it for ONLY $497

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I had listened to quite a few of Charisse’s free videos and followed her tips but I still wasn’t getting the traffic I wanted from Pinterest.  I've only done one module so far from her new course and WOW my profile is already totally different. It’s impossible to understand all the specifics to a really powerful Pinterest without some serious support and I know I’m going to get that with her new course. Making $$$ with Pinterest here I come!" -Diana O

Diana O, Sparkle Room Beauty

What does it include?

  • Set up the Perfect Pinterest Profile so that your target audience can find you (instead of you chasing them). 

  • Optimize your Pinterest Profile, Boards, and Pins with the BEST SEO keywords so that your account will grow while you're asleep.

  • Create pins with ease so that you can do it in half the time so you can focus your attention on the income producing tasks. 

  • Set up your website for success so that it is ready to convert that Pinterest traffic into leads that are ready to buy. 

  • You walk away with a 10 min a day strategy to consistently attract leads without paying high prices for a Pinterest manager or Tailwind.  

  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Grab my Pinterest SEO Master Class for free when you sign up today so you can be 100% sure you've got the right keywords to maximize your Pinterest results.  ($97 Value)

  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Don't have a website set up to use with your business yet?  No problem!  You'll  get my How to Easily Set up a Website class for free when you sign up for the POG system.  I wanna make sure you've got all the tools needed to be successful with Pinterest.  ($97 Value)

Ready to learn the steps so you can maixmize Pinterest quickly, easily and the right way?

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Everyone should go through this, it made my life so simple, and having you lay the foundation for Pinterest was amazing!  You are super knowledgeable and helpful!

Kelley T, Serenity Sleepers

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A little background...

I'm a mom of 4 and it took me 3 years to finally figure out Pinterest to get my target clients... and even then I started wrong so a third of my traffic was the wrong clients! (face plam)

As a mom, and knowing time is valuable, I quickly developed a system which allowed me to get consistent new leads from Pinterest without Tailwind and only taking 10 minutes a day. 

I help other mompreneurs get where they need to be with Pinterest in only 2 months, to bring in consistent traffic and leads.

My Pinterest hadn't been touched in years, and I was looking for the best way to set up a routine.  Charisse laid out a step by step plan and made it easy to understand.  My Pinterest has already started growing while working together.  I loved that there was a plan I could execute without feeling overwhelmed with the time involved.  My favorite part was how she wrote out homework after each session. I highly recommend working with Charisse!  -Alison L.

Alison L, Craft Cast


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • How long are the modules?

    As a mom, I know your time is short, and distractions are many.  There are 9 modules for the training (not including the bonus classes).  Each class is under 30 min so you can get in, learn, and then take action as you’re able to.

  • How much time each week will I be investing into the class?

    Plan on about 30 min for the lesson then 30 min to  1-2 hours for the homework. It depends on where you’re at with your business and how proficient you are to know how much time it might take.

  • How will I get full support?

    Along with the weekly training, and homework, each Friday I’ll be going Live in the private Facebook group at 1 pm PST to answer your questions.  You’re able to post your questions whenever you have them, and I check the group daily to answer them.

  • Do I have to invest in Tailwind for this to work?

    Nope!  My strategy does not use Tailwind at all.  No paying for that each month or trying to figure out another complicated platform. (Don't worry, you'll get more success and save more than than if you did use Tailwind).  

  • Is it only an online class?

    In support with each online training, you’ll have a checklist/homework sheet to guide you in how to implement the training.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Great!  Email them to with "Questions about POG" in the subject line 

  • Is it a one time payment?

    Yes, this is a one time payment

What are you waiting for?

Don't let another month go by without getting the leads you really want!

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