Need someone to set up your Pinterest Profile?

Jump start with Pinterest, save time, and get your account set up by a pro.

When your profile isn't set up right it could be....

  • Attracting the wrong traffic.

  • Showing your pins to the wrong target audience.  

  • Limiting clicks to your website.

  • Telling Pinterest your business is different than what it really is.

  • Showing pins to the wrong people.

You don't want that!!!

Get your Pinterest Set Up Today!

What you get...

  • Profile description and settings SEO friendly

  • Boards set up SEO friendly

  • Quality pins on each board

  • A list of SEO keywords and phrases specific to your business

  • Video walk through of everything

You DO want that!!!

Get your Pinterest Set Up Today!

"Everyone should go through this, it made my life so simple having you lay the foundation for Pinterest was amazing!  You are super knowledgeable and helpful!"


-Kelley, Serenity Sleepers

"I have been doing the things you suggested and I have seen improvement. I started with 59 K and have moved up to 66K. I think I was at 800 monthly engaged and I am now at 1.1k monthly engaged."


-Lisa M, Travel Blogger

Charisse Merrill

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